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108 lives Project


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Past projects


Contributions of the 108 Lives Australia teams to date, asnd some of proudest moments of achievement.....

Solar for Winter 2013
















Completion of the Solar Panel Project was a proud one. 


Our aim was  to provide the residing children of Mount Summit School with hot water before the onset of the next bitter Nepalese Winter. The school operates as hostel for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, with many students living far from their home villages. As is often the case in Nepal, children are sent to the city for access to a decent education in Kathmandu. Sometimes children may receive sponsorship in cases where their parents are unable to provide adequate care for them, and is part of the social work and welfare structure within the country. 


A combination of limited school resources and daily power cuts from load shedding means the hostel residing children bath with cold water only. For the first time in the history of the school, and possibly for the first time in their lives, they would have the luxury of a hot shower.


As with most projects, this one was not without it's complications. Differing advice on installation and delays on starting the installation process due to pre-election strikes all affected our deadline, and final stages had to be left in the capable hands of Mount Summit School's management. And very disappointing to return home without seeing it up and running!


Further costs for plumbing and piping were higher than expected,  but the school managed to cover the extra costs incurred. Finally news arrived... completion! Management and students of the school were most excited and happy to receive this precious gift.


Solar for Winter was a crowd funded project. This solar panel serves as a reminder of the difference that can be made in the lives of others, however big or small when we all work together.


We give our most grateful thanks to all the wonderful and caring individuals who supported this  campaign. 


Pictured above.... the Solar panel on the roof. What a great Christmas gift!


Thank you.



















Computer Literacy, Nepal 2013















With the combined support of Ashbury Public School and crowd funding campaign Bringing Computer Literacy to Underprivileged Students in Nepal, 108 Lives Australia successfully completed the acquisition and installation of 8 computers for Mount Summit School.


Mt Summit Boarding School is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and  support work to support students from poor families and remote regions. Of their intake for 2013, 150 of a 400+ students were receiving assistance from the school, this number is well above the 10% quota set by the government. With the setting up of a computer room students are now able to access hands on learning for their computer based subjects.


Along with Mt Summit, our belief is that education is paramount in affecting social and economic change, helping to break the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families and their extended communities.


Members of 108 Lives Australia and Mount Summit School sincerely thank all who supported the Computer Literacy Project for Students in Nepal.



Caste Discrimination in Nepal
















2013 saw members of 108 Lives Australia, Jo Grant and Bev Carter, participate in a project focusing on issues of Caste Discrimination within Nepal. These issues include social exclusion, poverty, child marriage and a lack of access to education.


The village region of Rautahat was the seed site for the project, with a focus on negotiating enrolment and support in entering into the local government school for disadvantaged village children. The team were successful in provisioning 13 children with books, clothing and shoes as well as negotiating a delay in arranged marriages for the young girls.


The second phase expanded to the the project to the very small and disadvantaged Karmanaka School (teaching up to grade 4) in the Sindhuli Region. The dedicated teachers of this school continue to operate voluntarily after the school was officially closed by the government. Donations of essential books and materials were supplied in order to support the learning needs of students.


Filming of a documentary, with the assistance of passionate Australian volunteer Jo Grant, was completed in October. The documentary, filmed in the Rautahat region, focuses on issues faced by Dalit (Low Caste) citizens who are often referred to as "untouchables". Editing and final production of this documentary is a continued focus for Jo in 2014.


















 Support from Om Guesthouse

















Our Greatest appreciation also to the wonderful and friendly management of Om Guesthouse in Boudhha, Kathmandu, Nepal. The guesthouse keeps a donation box and collect from local and foreign guests for the support of a local children's home.


Children of the Universe children's home based on the outskirts of Kathmandu is set in the beautiful clean rural environment of Pandit Gaun, Nayapati, Kathmandu, Nepal. The home run by Tsering Galypo and  supports 33 children mainly from the High Himalayan Region. The children attend a local school, and are cared for in a safe family like atmosphere with room to run and play.


Om Guesthouse manager, Jiwan Poudel, is keen to support social work projects helping those in most need within his own country.




Added Seating 2012


















The initial 108 Lives Project, 2012, saw volunteer team members Evan Shapiro and Bev Carter working in Mount Summit School, running creative activities with the students, forging relationships with the school management and establishing priority needs of the school.


At the top of the list, the school were in need of new benches for the swelling student numbers. With the alloted funding budget and some last minute donations twenty new benches and an additional three storage cupbords were negotiated and ordered.


The extra benches giving additional seating space helped to provide a more comfortable learning environment for students in their previously over-cramped classrooms.