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108 lives Project


Our Network of Friends


Mount Summit Boarding School



We are proud to partner with and support Mount Summit Boarding School in their efforts in providing opportunity and access to education for children from poverty affected backgrounds.


The management and founding members of Mount Summit School came together in 2008, and have worked at building the school and improving quality of education and resources within the school. In addition, Mount Summit greatly exceed Government set regulations requiring private schools to provide 10% of enrolments to students affected by financial disadvantage.


108 lives Australia, and the executive and founding members of Mount Summit feel passionately that education is key towards an improved future; this is especially important as a means to create opportunity and change for the future generations of Nepal.





Jiwan Poudel


 Om Guesthouse manager, Jiwan Poudel, has been a great support to the 108 Lives teams since the first volunteer project in 2012. Jiwan has a keen interest in working in social work and helping on projects supporting those in need within his own country. Working closely with 108 Lives team members, Jiwan remains a trusted and reliable local source of knowledge and support for teams working in Nepal.


Jiwan will also be a participant in future plans towards educationally focused projects in village areas with 108 Lives Australia.


Om Guesthouse

Manager - Jiwan Poudel

 +977 1-4487548 










Sushil Babu Chhetri


Sushil works through his passion for creativity to bring awareness and assistance to the issues existing in Nepal; Kathmandu's ever growing numbers of street kids, marginalised Indian immigrants, and educational inequality of the poor and needy.


Sushil's passion for expression through social media, photographs and film exudes in abundance, and his work speaks volumes.


Sushil works from his studio based in Anamnagar, Kathmandu Nepal.










Raksha Nepal


Raksha Nepal, established in 2004 is an NGO that works towards the overall wellbeing of women and girls who have suffered sexual exploitation, experienced rape or domestic abuse.


Raksha provides health and counselling services, legal support, and extended support networks. They work to educate and empower women,  teaching awareness and self protection strategies, training for alternative livelihood opportunities and financial stability.


Menuka Thapa