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108 lives Project


108 Lives Nepal

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Kathmandu, Nepal was the birthplace of the 108 Lives Project model. Founded in 2008, the 108 Lives Project continues to expand its reach and help people help themselves by supporting local initiatives.  





Schooling in

Phulping Village


Following the successful Nepal trips from 2008 -  2012, the 108 Lives Project  continues to make yearly volunteer trips to support:

​- The Village of Phulping

- Rokpa: with soup kitchens, children's
  home, education &  clinics.

- Quilts for Kids: one quilt for one

  year of school per child.

- Sano Sanar Orphanage: with

  f​unding, education programs.​​

- Mt Summit School: computers,

  classes, school exchange

- Children of The Universe: home & orphanage.

The ongoing work includes deepening the self sufficiency element of the above projects. Helping communities help themselves by encouraging a focus on education and self sustainability.

108 Lives Nepal is being managed by a dedicated team of volunteers from Three Jewels Outreach Center in the heart of New York City.


The way we help local communities is by directing your donations to  fund much needed education, food, medical attention, clothing and housing.  We do this by distributing funds to trusted and active partners in the countries we operate in,  and where possible encourage self sustainability.

Help people help themselves. Donate to support our efforts to bring back education to the Village of Phulping.

After the 2015 earthquake this tiny village servicing the education needs of 150 children and surrounding communities lost its school.


108 Lives (with Your help) recently completed the rebuilding effort and installed a full-time teacher to revive access to education.

In 2019 we are working to fund a second teacher, plus clothing, books and support for many of the students who lack the very basic needs to attend school.