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108 lives Project


Meet the Team
















Evan Shapiro


Evan,  through his lifelong friendship with Hector Marcel, became a participating member of the team that travelled to Nepal in November 2011, planning for the 108 Lives Project and the volunteers who would return in 2012.


The ripple effect is one aspect of the 108 lives project that Evan Shapiro loves most.


Evan and Bev Co-Founded 108 lives Australia in early 2012, with plans to eventually extend 108 Lives Australia to include Australian based projects as well as internationally.























Bev Carter


Bev feels a strong connection and alliance with the 108lives ethos and is a passionate advocate for the Humanitarian Cause.


She believes we are all of one family, should care for all of humanity, and that we can make a difference in this world; and that human connectedness is essential to the well-being of all of us.


"I came to 108 lives by serendipity, or perhaps it was something more. But it came at a time in my life when I was wanting that very thing... the opportunity to be able to reach out and touch the lives of others, to make a real difference in the world."




















Jo Grant


Jo joined 108 Live Australia with the Bringing Commputer Literacy to Underpriveleged Students in Nepal Project where she provided Management Implementation of Technical Logistics.

Jo brings a wealth of talent, knowlege, creativity, energy and drive to the team.


Jo's own personal values of equity, fairness, compassion and social justice have brought Jo to this field of work.


In Jo's own words...

"Everyone deserves a chance. No act of kindness is too small."