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108 lives Project


Being Human

Be part of the very first 108 lives Being Human film project. 


In a world where difference is often exploited to separate, discriminate or to create fear and intolerance, we want to celebrate and share what we have in common, to promote and grow compassion and understanding. 


Your film should be about 1 to 8 minutes long and depict stories, actions or situations that communicate compassion, human rights and celebrate what we share as human beings. Try not to use any language, instead communicate your story visually so that everyone around the world can understand it. 


It’s really easy to enter your film. Just follow these three steps.


Step 1:

Make your amazing short film that shows something wonderful about being human. 


Step 2:

Upload your film to youtube. We suggest adding 108 lives or Being Human to the title of your file. 


Step 3:

Register your film, including youtube link at 108lives.org Being Human page (that's right here). 


School Projects/Mini Festivals

108 lives Being Human project can be run as a mini festival within a school or other community. All suitable films can be uploaded to the main project channel but can also be screened at a special school or community event. This creates a fundraising opportunity for your local community as well as an opportunity to share the amazing ideas put on film. 


Please contact us for more informaiton.



All submissions will be moderated.
108 live project reserves the right to reject any submission.