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108 lives Project


Replicating the model

With the knowledge & experience our volunteers and friends gained from our beta project, we are replicating the model every year, increasing our reach an dimpact and getting even more efficient.  We really are helping to change two worlds at a time; the volunteers' and  communities we serve.


Each Year we focus all our attention on making tangible differences in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. We serve 1000's of people in entire villages, whole schools, orphanages and other Nepal based organizations with the same goal as ours.


Origins of the
108 Lives Project ​


Test the model

Our goal was to make a tangible difference to 108 beggars, their families and communities in Kathmandu Nepal.​

Volunteers self- funded two visits to Nepal and worked with:

*  3 orphanages, 3 schools & made new

   connections for future efforts

*  50+ dedicated volunteers
*  $30,000 in donations & micro financing

*  100+ children in school,

*  Funded soup kitchens, medical clinics and 

   children housing


2008 - 2012

What is the
108 Lives Project ​


The 108 Lives Project connects global communities through unconditional giving, facilitating change for the better; 108 Lives at a time.​


Established in 2008. The 108 Lives Project was originally intended to help improve the lives of 108 beggars in Kathmandu Nepal. It began as a photo essay aimed to highlight the similarities between beggars and others in this world through the act of unconditional giving. The project has grown each year with more schools, orphanages and impoverished communities benefiting and developing from the exchange with project volunteer visits and yearly initiatives.


Now the 108 Lives Projects around the world serve as a platform for emerging social entrepreneurs to build, lead and deliver on project goals that include, education, shelter, food, children’s activities and self-sustainability for the communities we're helping.